Students who are searching for direction in the path of their desired careers might get assistance from the NIET Training and Placement Department. In order to determine the needs of contemporary business and ensure that its students are appropriately prepared to satisfy these needs, the Department employs standard operating procedures to gather this information. In addition to the conventional academic and technical training programmes, vocational training institutes provide a fair amount of focus on the development of soft skills. It is common practise to schedule aptitude tests as well as class discussions in order to assist students in enhancing their performance on standardized tests. A broad variety of materials for vocational education are often made available to the students..


  • Help all the students through the guided lectures.
  • Organizing the summer internships.
  • Maintaining the right type of data.
  • Convert the raw data into the presentable one.
  • Aware the students regarding the technical development.
  • Maintaining a healthy relationship.
  • Gone through the hiring phase. 


  • Get the placement rate above 100%.
  • Help the student get to know the actual business world in the right way.
  • Organize the seminars, workshops, leadership programs and more. 

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